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technical Information

Adhesives & Sealants offers a strong technical support in all areas of its business.

Quality Assurance

Products are manufactured to stringent procedures, and every batch made is individually quality checked by our laboratory prior to despatch. We operate an ISO 9001:2008 Quality System, as well as being externally audited by the BBA.

New Product Development

The polyurethane specialised laboratory develops all of our products in house. This gives us the ability to offer our customers a high degree of flexibility in formulations, tailoring them to their precise needs.

Customised Testing Procedures

We work closely with our customers to produce testing procedures which match their final application requirements. We show below some of these testing apparatuses.

PUR Hot Melt Roller Coater

This allows to not only develop our products but also demonstrate them to our customers.

Bomb Calorimeter

Using this equipment we are able to accurately determine the calorific values of materials, including our adhesives. This is becoming increasingly important for fire  risk assessment.


Our laboratory has a number of different presses including vacuum blanket and hydraulic which can be set to identical operating criteria as those used on the final user's  equipment.

Panel Testing Rig

This equipment is able to repeatedly stress load a bonded panel and so can either simulate the in use demands a panel will experience, or be used to test a panel to destruction. The results are logged by a computer in real time for later analysis.

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