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Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethanes . manufacture a large range of polyurethane coatings one, two, three and multi component. The Company supplies a number of complete systems for different applications.

Anti Skid

Grip 2-1 Anti Skid System (D3149/20)

BBA approved anti skid, approved for Type 1 Roads

Grip 3-1 Anti Skid System (PU4490/20)

High Performance Polyurethane for decorative anti-skid applications

Grip 3HB-1 (PU4018LF)

Heavy Duty High Build Polyurethane, mainly for application to steel bridges, ships and loading areas


Stone Binder -1 (D3776)

Flexible polyurethane for encapsulation of aggregate

Leesoncoat Quartz Flooring System

Multi component system for hygienic aggregate floors

Leesoncoat Flake Flooring System

Multi component flake system

Leesoncoat Terrazzo Flooring System

Multi component PU Terrazzo System


PU SL Floor-1 (PU4174)

High gloss PU self leveling floor product

PU Sealer Int-1 (PU4170)

High gloss PU seal coating for floors internal application

PU Sealer Ext-1 (E4533)

UV resistant seal coat for external application

PU Coastal Defence (PU4566)

Flexible PU for consolidation of aggregate for coastal defence


Hydropruf FlexDeck

Multi component system for seamless waterproofing of car parks


Leesoncoat Plaza Deck

Seamless waterproofing system for plaza decks spray and hand applied

Leesoncoat Balcony System

Seamless waterproofing system for balconies decks hand applied

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