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Polyurethane Adhesives for Insulated Panels

Polyurethanes manufacture both one and two component polyurethane adhesives for the production of insulated panels and composite doors eg building panels, caravans, doors & portable buildings. The company also manufactures PUR Hotmelt for insulated and flat panels.

Generally speaking, one component adhesives are used for panels such as caravans, doors and building panels. Two component adhesives are used for refrigerated vehicle panels and building panels. 

One Component Adhesives


One component polyurethane adhesives are applied to one substrate without mixing. The adhesive is moisture sensitive, reacting either with applied water mist or ambient moisture in the substrates.  After the adhesive has been applied, the second substrate is pressed onto the first for a pre determined press time. After this time  the two substrates will be bonded. The speed at which the reaction occurs can be varied to suit the requirements of a specific manufacturing process, as can the adhesive viscosity.

  • 100% Solvent Free Adhesives.
  • Low environmental impact.
  • One component no mixing.
  • Excellent penetration into porous surfaces, can gap fill behind the bond line.
  • Can be sprayed; roller coated or bead applied.
  • Fast application.
  • Water required to initiate reaction.


     Automatic Bead Machine   uPVC & ABS Plastic Doors Caravans

Two component Adhesives


The chemical reaction process is the same as with the one component system, however, the reaction is initiated by the mixing of the two components. Water is not required at the bond line. 

  • 100% Solvent Free.
  • No water required.
  • Rapid curing possible.
  • Excellent keying to difficult substrates.
  • Can be sprayed, bead applied or roller applied.


Insulated panel construction for continuous lamination of building panels eg Duemas, Hilleng, Isowall, MDI Robor and Siempelkamp machines.

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