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Industrial Flooring Systems

Polyurethanes produce a range polyurethane coating systems for industrial flooring including seamless industrial floors, self-levellers, and PU paints.  We can also supply aliphatic products for top coats when additional resistance against UV is required.


We offer a system of PU self levelling products with associated PU paints.  The coatings are predominately two component products based on MDI Isocyanate and are 100% solvent free.

The self-levelling products can be laid at thicknesses of upto 20mm thick without surface bubbling and requires minimal spike rollering.

The products are available in a range of colours and have good resistance to many types of solvents and chemicals including aviation fuel.

The liquid polyurethane can be installed at low temperatures, and once cured will withstand a wide temperature range. It will also withstand steam cleaning, making it suitable for use in hygenic areas.

Typical applications include

  • Factory flooring
  • Demarcation
  • Blast freezers
  • Walk ways

Some examples of flooring laid with our self levelling system are shown below

Laboratory Floor

PU Binders for Aggregates

We also produce a range of PU binders for binding the aggregates together as a binding agent rather than a surface coating.  Typical applications include tree pits as well as shop floors and domestic driveways.

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